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Gagi Petrovic is a composer, performer and teacher of music. As a musician he mainly works in performative settings, with a versatile taste and diverse expertise. He writes pieces and songs with elements that are acoustic and electronic, intense and intimate, which are something between odd and familiar. The use of technology often plays a big role in his creative process, as well as his preference to keep pushing music forward. As a composer he mostly works in an autonomous fashion, and has also received commissions from organisations such as Gaudeamus, Fringe Festival, Rewire and LeineRoebana. Frequently, he produces music for other media too, like contemporary dance, theatre and film. He has a special interest in how music moves us both physically and mentally; how such abstract languages enable us to reflect on a particular sense of reality, escape it or even question it. 


Choosing Freedom (2021)
for GEST, live eletronics by Gagi Petrovic
Release at Moving Furniture Records: MFR

Recalcitrance (2021)
Collaboration double EP by Matthijs Kouw & Gagi Petrovic
Release at Moving Furniture Records: MFR

Moving Music: sounds from the rocking chair (2020)
Compilation CD, by Matthijs Kouw & Gagi Petrovic – Jade Mineral Razor
Release at Moving Furniture Records: MFR

Ob-literate (2018)
for five singers, three performative objects and one organ
by Zeno van den Broek & Gagi Petrovic
Release at Unsounds Label: SOUNDS OF THE YOUNG AVANT-GARDE VOL. 02.

dp[a] + hsh (2017)
debut double EP
Release at Moving Furniture Records: MFR046

Honors & Awards

Matthijs Vermeulen Prijs 2017
– Nomination with “Ob-literate” (with Zeno van den Broek)

Nieuwe Makers at Leineroebana (2015-2016)
– One year residency aimed at further developing myself als performer;
– Integrate my experience as electro-acoustic composer and singer-songwriter;
– Develop the instrument GEST for composing and performing electronic music in a more intuitive way;
– Create two solo acts: “Imaginary Conversations” and “Choosing Freedom”.

Impuls Academy 2015
9th International Composers Academy for Contemporary Music, in Graz (Austria)
– Commissioned by Gaudeamus to write the piece “Give more.” for Dario Calderone (extended doublebass)

Composition Beyond Music 2014
– Two week residency with philosophical debate and masterclasses by Peter Ablinger;
– Selected by Gaudeamus as member of Soundlings (network of sound artists);
– Commisioned to create the sound art exhibition Soundroots.

Mazsalaca 2014 
7th International Workshop for Young Composers, in Latvia
– One week residency with lectures and masterclasses by contemporary composers.

Dutch Harp Composition Contest 2014 
– Nominated for finals with with “..stRrrct..” (2013)
Won Third Prize (all ages and nationalities) 

V2_ Test_Lab: The Graduation Edition 2013
– Nominated with concert series “Custom Made Music” and the piece “The light that blinds you”

Gaudeamus – The Fascinating Sound of Gamelan (2012)
– Selected to follow intensive workshops for gamelan group “Ensemble Gending”;
– Commissioned to write the piece “Raam tot raam” for gamel and ensemble and live electronics.


List of musical experience since HKU

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complete chronological story with educations, instruments, ambitions and activities

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