The selfmade instrument GEST allows the performer to design and play electronic music in an intuitive way, turning hand gestures and simple light sensors into an interface for musical expression. For this occasion he uses the instrument to perform “Choosing Freedom”, which was premiered at Rewire 2018 under the name of “GEST x DPB”. To go beyond the abstraction, or dwell inside of it, and find the inner celebration of what it means to let go of expectations and let music ring free. 

Finished pieces so far (album coming!):

Choosing Freedom

  1. Divided Attention
  2. Scattered Perception
  3. Emotional Manipulation 
  4. Arbitrary Expectation
  5. Conservative Evasion
  6. Reminders Reinterpreted

Imaginary Conversation

A song cycle, based on observations polarisation:

Often I witness a lack of listening among people that have an opposing perspective on something. It appears as if assumptions, on what someone might represent, resonate louder than what that someone actually says. Projected anger and misplaced fear follow while it’s actually more like a severe misunderstanding.
So far, I don’t think this attitude only occurs on a specific topic or among specific (groups of) people, although it’s extra clear in political debates, or on topics regarding ‘truth’. I hear protection of ‘us’ and I see how this results in polarisation, keeping ‘them’ out while keeping ‘us’ safe from any blame. This way we create a distance which is artificial, counter productive and simply not necessary.

Three pieces, with a total duration of ca. 20 minutes:

  1. Stories that consume
  2. Your comfort confronts me
  3. Quiet shouts

Composed and performed by Gagi Petrovic (piano and voice)


Band since October 2019
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Teacher at HKU: Music Technology.
Guiding students in finding their own musical language, while exploring existing musical languages and understanding fundamental music theory. Composition of autonomous music and music for short film and modern dance.

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