Gagi Petrovic

composer, performer, producer and teacher of music


Gagi Petrovic is an award winning composer, performer, producer and teacher of music. With his versatile taste and expertise, he works in performative settings and releases concept albums. His pieces and songs have elements that are acoustic and electronic, intense and intimate; it’s odd and familiar. Aesthetically his work moves in the grey area of progressive composition, digital electronics and alternative pop. Conceptually his music often covers themes like oppression, isolation, deviation from convention, existential topics and what it means to be free.

The use of technology often plays a big role in his creative process, as well as his preference to keep pushing music forward. As an artist he mostly works in an autonomous fashion, where research in expression and exploring boundaries guide creative decisions. He receives commissions to write for soloist, small ensembles and acousmatic settings. Frequently, he designs music for other media, such as contemporary dance, theatre, video art and documentary. The recent collaboration with choreographer Cherish Menzo for ‘D̶A̶R̶K̶MATTER‘ (2022) has received international recognition through repeated prolonged tours, reviews and a multitude of nominations and prizes.

Gagi Petrovic has a special interest in how music moves us both physically and mentally; how such abstract languages enable us to reflect on a particular sense of reality, escape it or even question it.

Contact me

For bookings, commissions, arrangements, lectures and/or collaborations contact me using the form below, or call me at +31 6 12598681.