The Overkill Festival by Allée Rentree

Date & Location: Saturday September 26th 22:00 at Sickhouse (Enschede)
– “Choosing Freedom” for GEST

EARLab: Wormeaters (cancelled due to COVID-19)

Try-out concert by Wormeaters (band): baritone sax, flute, bass guitar, cello, keys and electronics
Date & Location: May 15th, at De Ruimte (Amsterdam)
– tbh, 5 parts

Toets des Tijds Concerten: Smaakt naar Muziek (postponed due to COVID-19)

Composers present their food and perform their own work.
Date & Location: Saturday 18th April, 17:00-18:45 (Amsterdam)
– “Choosing Freedom” for GEST (3 parts)

Contemporary at the Stork Club with Gagi Petrovic solo

Date & Location: Thursday February 27th 20:30-22:00 at The Stork Club (Amsterdam)
– “Choosing Freedom” for GEST
– “Imaginary Conversations” for fortepiano and voice

House Concert in the Golden Calf

Date & Location: Friday January 17th 20:00 at Golden Calf (Amsterdam)

– “Choosing Freedom” for GEST
– new ensemble work by Hinse Mutter (upright piano)

Petrol Dollars for a Different Engine

Date & Location: see Screenings

Documentary by Eline F. Hesse and Robin Vogel, music by Gagi Petrovic.

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